Just Kiddies Parties?  NO! ALL PARTIES!

Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue is ideal for kiddies parties but we regularly host baby showers, 21st’s, 30th’s, 40th’s etc.  It is a farm and country atmosphere where kids can run and play on the huge Jungle gym, but the venue is suited for ANY party or function.  Kids are safe, and the adults can actually sit down and have conversation, enjoy, chat and RELAX (without having to worry about the children and run after them). Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue is ideally suited to children parties, baby showers and adult celebrations. Most importantly it is Secure, Private and Safe!


  • Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue can be hired as a Self-Catering Venue. 

  • If you want to self-cater, but need a few items which you don’t wish to cart forth and backwards, we do have a basic list of cutlery, crockery and other items which can be rented from us.

  • Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue are able to assist you with our Deluxe Kiddies Party Packages which include party packs and various other items like balloons, décor, pony rides and a jumping castle. Everything is beautifully styled to suit your theme.

  • Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue can also assist with limited catering options which would include salads, lasagnes, platters and we even have a spit braai option.


Please refer to our Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue Information Pack for more information on the various options on offer and what it includes.


Full day vs half-day venue hire at Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue


Although half-day parties are popular, the limited time available tend to be rushed as 3 hours is a very short time to fully enjoy the day.  We therefore highly recommend and encourage our clients to consider full day venue hire for the following reasons which we would like to highlight to you:


  • You will have plenty of party set-up time and don’t have to rush

  • If you are running a bit late, that is okay because you have time on your side

  • No one will be peeping over your shoulder and chasing you to pack up because the next party is on their way

  • If your guests arrive late, which happens more often than not – it is okay as you have the whole day and can shift activities accordingly

  • You can enjoy the venue, its surroundings at a leisurely pace and to its fullest

  • You will have time to sit, relax and enjoy a glass of wine!

  • Our venue is in the country, safe, exclusive and most guests want to just hang around a bit longer to take in the fresh country air, the surroundings and just relax

  • The children can run around and play freely in a safe environment!


Our Farmyard Friends Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue

Farmyard@Sediba Party Venue is home to two pigs called Toks and Tjops, four Geese called Roly, Poly, Pietie and Pietie, a lively miniature dwarf goat called Billy, a gorgeous lamb called Boo, bunnies, chickens, two ducks called Tjiff and Tjaff and two precious Miniature Horses called Bobby and Blackie. 


***Come and enjoy some fresh country air – we are looking forward to hosting your party***  

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